Welcome to the CSOC ML Week 1, dear ML enthusiasts! This week will serve as an introduction to Computer Vision, taking foot into Convolutional Neural Network(CNN). So we will now dive into one of the most exciting field of deep learning: computer vision.


Previous Background

Before we get started it is important that you have completed these things:

  1. Neural networks and deep learning by Andrew NG(click on Audit this course).

  2. Machine Learning course by Andrew NG till week 5(optional if the above course is done).

After completing them you will understand the working of neural networks(forward and backward propagation) and why they are so powerful.

Recommended (for better visual understanding as well as getting the fundamentals), this playlist by 3Blue 1Brown:


Let's Get Started

Before diving into deep concepts we should first get the basic idea of how CNN works.

Even before that, we should get some understanding of the optimization and regularization methods and why do they actually help. For this follow this link:

Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization | Coursera

Now we are ready to dive into basics of CNN. Follow this link.

Convolutional Neural Networks | Coursera